AICHI TOKEI AS-WE-80 Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

AICHI TOKEI AS-WE-80 Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter

AS-WE Series

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Since AS-WE flow meter covers wider range from small to large flow rate, it contributes to cost saving and convenient facility management. At the same time, it saves the cost of redundant governor and piping.

  • Non-moving parts results in not degrading meter performance. It eventually makes needless to repair the parts and refuel the lubricant oil.
  • Because of the pressure loss being closely “0”, it can get rid of the pressure shortage risk.
  • Because of lightweight and compact feature, it enables easy installation and needs less space.

Specifications AICHI TOKEI AS-WE-80 Series Ultrasonic :


Rekomendasi Macam-macam Flow Meter :

Pelayanan Kalibrasi Flow Meter/ Water Meter :

Jasa Kalibrasi, Jasa Tera, Jasa Tera Ulang, Untuk Pengujian Flowmeter (Sertifikat Metrology) ;

  • Water Meter,
  • Oil Meter,
  • Gas Meter,
  • Listrik Meter &
  • Timbangan.

Informasi Pemesanan :

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    Mega Glodok Kemayoran – Mall MGK Lantai UG – Blok D6 No. 3
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