AICHI TOKEI TBX-100 Series Turbine Gas Meters





Turbine meters in the TBZ and TBX series were developed for controlling the gas consumption of each piece of equipment such as compact boilers and various industrial furnaces.

The products realize a smart design with a lightweight and compact body and support a wide range of measurement including maximum working pressure and maximum measuring flow rate.

Furthermore, the built-in 2-system pulse transmitters enable you to establish a remote meter reading system and an energy control system.

The TBZ series even corrects temperature and pressure to allow you to read gas consumption in the standard conversion condition.

The external power supply model TBX-D has been newly added to the lineup of the TBX series. You can choose the model that would best suit your applications for better usability.

Note) TBX30, TBX100, and TBX100F are CE compliant. (Collaborative development product with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)

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