George Kent (GKM) KSM Volumetric Cold Water Meters

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George Kent (GKM) KSM Volumetric Cold Water Meters

George Kent (GKM) KSM Volumetric Cold Water Meters a durable water meter with an engineered plastic body, it has a unique grooved piston design and a tamperproof register. The engineering plastic material used, which is free of any heavy metals and which also prevents bacteriological growth or any organoleptic change, is 100% suitable for drinking water. Available in sizes of 15mm to 25mm, with flow rates between 15 litre/h and 7m3/h, KSM meters offer unrivalled conformance to ISO 4064, Class C standards and also has optional AMR capability. The meter can be installed in any position and can provide valuable management information via a probe pulse unit. It offers accurate reading and a long service life, requiring low maintenance.

Specifications :

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Rekomendasi Macam-macam Flow Meter :

Pelayanan Kalibrasi Flow Meter/ Water Meter :

Jasa Kalibrasi, Jasa Tera, Jasa Tera Ulang, Untuk Pengujian Flowmeter (Sertifikat Metrology) ;

  • Water Meter,
  • Oil Meter,
  • Gas Meter,
  • Listrik Meter &
  • Timbangan.

Informasi Pemesanan :

  • Phone:
    021 – 2913 – 5706
  • WA:
    +62812 – 8836 – 5600
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Mega Glodok Kemayoran – Mall MGK Lantai UG – Blok D6 No. 3
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday – Friday ; 09:00 am – 17:00 pm
    Saturday – Sunday ; Closed

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