GKM PSM DN15 Volumetric Cold Potable Water Meter

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GKM PSM DN15 Volumetric Cold Potable Water Meter

GKM PSM DN15 Volumetric Cold Potable Water Meter – Considered the world’s most successful domestic water meter, the brass GKM PSM offers an unparalleled blend of high accuracy and performance at all times and in any position, durable and tamperproof construction as well as security and ease of use. The GKM PSM also enables the collection of valuable management information through the use of an optional probe pulse unit. This also allows the analysis of consumption patterns and the ability to detect leaks early.

Technical Specification :


Rekomendasi Macam-macam Flow Meter :

Pelayanan Kalibrasi Flow Meter/ Water Meter :

Jasa Kalibrasi, Jasa Tera, Jasa Tera Ulang, Untuk Pengujian Flowmeter (Sertifikat Metrology) ;

  • Water Meter,
  • Oil Meter,
  • Gas Meter,
  • Listrik Meter &
  • Timbangan.

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