Intelligent Battery EXaminer Eagle Eye


  • IEEE Recommended: Meets IEEE Std. 1188-1996 and 2005 “Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement for Stationary Applications.”
  • Precise & Repeatable: Utilizing the world’s fi rst ripple removing algorithm, the IBEX identifies problematic or failing cells.
  • On-line Tester: Test batteries while they are in service.
  • Fast: Automatically measures and stores data in just 3-4 seconds.
  • User-Friendly: Menu options displayed with easy to use icons.

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Intelligent Battery EXaminer Eagle Eye

Intelligent Battery EXaminer Eagle Eye – IBEX is the only battery diagnostic battery tester available today that utilizes a patented ripple removing algorithm (USA patent: US 7,567,085B2) to accurately and quickly (3 seconds!) test a battery’s remaining service life while the system is online. The IBEX is the ONLY battery tester that can provide: Internal ohmic Resistance (R) or Conductance (Siemens), Jar Voltage (V), Ripple Current (with Ultra), Temperature (°C/°F) and Strap Resistance to ensure you are testing per IEEE Recommendations.

Specifications Intelligent Battery EXaminer Eagle Eye :

Model Number IBEX-1000 EX, IBEX-1000,
 Applications UPS System Testing, Power Utilities, Telecommuncations,
Data Centers, Transportation, Cable Television/Brandband,
Nuclear Power applications and more!
Automatic Testing Speed 3 ~ 4 Seconds
Items Measured Voltage
Internal Resistance
Inter-cell Resistance
Internal Resistance
Inter-cell Resistance
DC Current
Ripple Current
Battery Capacity Range 5 Ah ~ 6,000 Ah
Voltage & I.R. Range Voltage & I.R. Range
Internal Storage 600 Results 4,800 Results
Alarm Settings 4 Alarm Settings 80 Alarm Settings
User Ability to Set High / Low Voltage, Resistance & Temp Alarm
Protected Voltage (by fuse) 0 ~ 125 VDC
Ohmic Range 0.001 ~ 9999 milliohms
Accuracy Cell/Jar Voltage: ± 0.5% Internal Resistance: ±1.0% Temperature: ±2.0%
Resolution DC Voltage: 10mV Resistance: 0.001mΩ Temperature: 0.5°C
Power Supply (included) Li-ion Battery Pack (2,200 mAh, 11.1V) 3~4 Hours Testing
Display Display
Product Dimensions & Weight 6.8″ x 3.7″ x 1.6″ – 1.4 lbs. (175mm X 95mm X 42mm- 0.65kg)
Calibration Auto Calibration
Operating Tempurature -20 ~ 80°C





PT Putra Siduasaudara Indonesia

Kami berlokasi di Jakarta, Indonesia. Kami adalah Distributor-Agent-Pemasok/Supllier/Importir pengukur aliran (Flow Meter) yang dikelola secara profesional.

Produk kami banyak digunakan di berbagai bidang, termasuk kelistrikan, industri kimia, minyak dan gas, tekstil, pemeliharaan air, perlindungan lingkungan, dll.

Pelayanan Kalibrasi :

Jasa Kalibrasi, Jasa Tera, Jasa Tera Ulang, Untuk Pengujian Flowmeter (Sertifikat Metrology) ;

  • Water Meter,
  • Oil Meter,
  • Gas Meter,
  • Listrik Meter
  • Agriculture Moisture Meter &
  • Timbangan.

Informasi Pemesanan Intelligent Battery EXaminer Eagle Eye :

  • Phone:
    021 – 2913 – 5706
  • WA:
    +62812 – 8836 – 5600
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  • Address:
    Mega Glodok Kemayoran – Mall MGK Lantai UG – Blok D6 No. 3
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    Monday – Friday ; 09:00 am – 17:00 pm
    Saturday – Sunday ; Closed

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