SATAM MFMU-300 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter




Coriolis Mass Flow Meter (MFMU)

SATAM MFMU-300 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is used to measure the mass and density of viscous products such as heavy fuel oil, engine oil, bitumen or crude oil. Its excellent pressure resistance qualities combined with its rugged design without any moving mechanical parts means it is capable of providing reliable and accurate measurements for liquid gases such as LPG.


Sectors of Application 

  • Oil depots For product reception and at loading stations for trucks, wagons and ships
  • Oil production Metering for transfers of products via pipeline
  • Marine applications Loading and unloading of tankers
  • Refineries Internal metering and control of manufacturing processes
  • Fuel storage Metering of heavy fuel oil at mixer intake


Key Points 

  • Direct measurement of mass
    Direct measurement without any correction for temperature or viscosity
  • Reliability of measurements
    Insensitivity to vibrations and to piping forces due to its robust and stable measuring system
  • Flexibility of installation
    Patented construction allowing the system to be supported by its own housing or on the inlet and outlet pipes
  • Low maintenance costs
    Simple and robust design without any moving mechanical parts
  • Direct measurement of density
    Identification of liquid being measured and detection of any change of product


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